Windows Wanted

on the second day of Christmas some vandals gave to me . 2 broken windows and a violated feeling........

Clearing the Jungle

Halleluiah go tell it on the mountain . The front yard or should  I say jungle as been cut.
and the two biggest banana spiders I've ever seen ( Auzee and Harriette ) have been removed from the front door . though its still difficult to get in as someone stole the front steps.

Clean Up Starts

Retired school teacher Mary Meeks after 2 heart attacks and a broken back spent this week clearing the front room of vandalized trailer in an effort to secure a new living space even with my help this was a difficult and dirty task. Special Thank You to the hard working Antonio Jones for his assistance we could not have gotten as far as we did without you.

Once Upon a Little Tin Trailer

Once Upon a Time .......

A little brown trailer sat on a sunny Florida hill surrounded by flowers and trees
and inside a grandmother read endless stories to a grand daughter  and lulled her to sleep  with the sound of rain on a ten roof.......

But may years and vandals latter ........

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